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4 pack 8 ounce cans


Planetary Elixirs are brewed from natural spices and fruits from around the world, and are "micro-fermented’ with champagne yeasts to bring out their essence and preserve them. The master brewer who creates these unique beverages utilizes a wide range of skills and techniques acquired from years of winemaking and brewing.


Ginger Calcutta delves deep into the exotic history of the spice trades of India and draws inspiration from a summer street beverage called Panakam.  This beverage has an assertive Ginger spice, accented with Black Pepper, Turmeric & Cardamom, enveloped in richly textured Jaggery (Palm Syrup), Ripe Jackfruit, Lime Juice & Dates - a perfect spicey beverage to mix with rum, or to drink by itself!

Planetary Elixirs - Ginger Calcutta