how many layers of kn95 mask

how many layers of kn95 mask?

Kn95 masks are designed with a filtration system that is five layered. In addition, due to its design, a KN95 mask attributes a maximized air chamber. In this case, the respirator has a filtration efficiency level of about 95 percent. Additionally, the five-layer mask offers protection for particulate aerosols that are oil-free.

Therefore, Kn95 mask users are guaranteed to be free from air pollutants such as allergens, dust, virus, droplets, and bacteria, among other unsafe non-oil based elements in the air. The five layers are made of latex-free materials, which play a significant role in ensuring that the user is protected from contaminations and body fluids.

Layers of Kn95 Mask

• The first layer- the first layer is the outer layer which is made of non woven fabric. It is three dimensional with a 3D design, which contributes to blocking outside dust.

• The second layer- the second layer is the filter stratum that is made of high-quality electrostatic filter cotton. It has an efficient filtration of pm 2.5. The materials used to make this layer cover the body of the entire mask. Therefore, pollutant air cannot be drilled.

• The third layer- The third layer is the gel filtration stratum that is made of highly effective filter materials with melt-blown fabric.

• The fourth layer- The fourth layer is the active carbon layer. This inner section is made of exceptional non woven fabric. It is responsible for filtering odors and harmful gases, therefore, keeping the wearer safe.

• The fifth layer- This is the layer that provides direct contact between the user and the mask. It is made of soft and skin-friendly non woven material. This ensures that the user’s skin is not irritated, and they stay comfortable for a long time wearing the mask.

The Effectiveness of the Materials Used

The materials used to come up with each layer of the Kn95 mask ensure that it is anti-dust and breathable, protective device convenient for use. The five layers provide more protection to Kn95 mask users than the protection offered to the three-layered disposable surgical mask’s wearers. After all, to come up with the Kn95 cover, each layer is made of verticle folding design, which makes it easy to carry and store.

Though the Kn95 mask is slightly thick due to its many layers, it is still convenient.

Kn95 masks are intended to fit over the mouth and nose of the user. It is essential to note that the masks can only offer excellent protection if fitted correctly. Therefore, it is critical for you to ensure you use the Kn95 mask as they should. Some of the things to consider when using the mask include:

• Not wearing the mask upturned.

• Ensuring you cover the nose, mouth, as well as your chin.

• Avoid touching the surface of your mask with your bare hands.

• Never share used mask.

• Always ensure you use the legitimate Kn95 mask as fake dealers are all over.

• Always dispose used masks properly to prevent the potential spread of illnesses.

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