How Long Can One Use KN95 Mask

How Long Can One Use KN95 Mask?

KN95 masks filter 95 % of bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens, and thud they are recommended for medical practitioners who might be exposed to contagious infections. With the coronavirus pandemic, members of the public have been spotted wearing the KN95 masks too to prevent spreading the disease if they are sick or avoiding getting it when healthy. If you have the masks, do you know how long the KN95 mask can be used compared to other masks? If you are wearing any type of mask, it is prudent to follow the CDC regulations

KN95 manufacturing requires the use of fine synthetic polymer fibers, especially the non-woven polypropylene fabric. The mask is produced by melt blowing, which helps in the formation of the filtration layers that helps to keep large molecules and the pathogens out. It is, therefore, necessary to use the mask once and discard it after use safely to avoid contamination and further spread of infections

You Can Extend the Use of the Mask

  • Extension Of Use

For medical practitioners who might be acing shortage of KN95 mask, they can extend the use of the mask. They can see several patients with a similar disease using the same mask to assess the patients without removing the mask between patient encounters. The extension of use is more natural if the patients with the same infection are confined in the same room; extension of use is recommended during pandemics such as the coronavirus diseases.

  • Reuse of the KN95 mask

For a situation that patients have non-contagious diseases, a medical practitioner can use the mask for multiple encounters with different patients. For instance, they can remove the mask once they are done with one patient and use the same mask once again for another patient, given that the patients have non-contagious infections. So for this case, the respirator can be used by the medical practitioner for as long as it is safe and functional in preventing cross-contamination.

Recommendation for the Use of KN95 Mask

The KN95 mask should be used once and discarded as they cannot be washed, washing can tamper with the fabric leading to contamination. If you are going to see someone who is sick, it is best if you discard your mask after the encounter.

For medical practitioners, however, an extension of the use of the mask to encounter patients who have the same condition is better as they will be saving the limited resources. Industry workers, on the other hand, can wear the mask for several hours as the specification of the mask allows for eight continuous hours or intermittent use.

Medical staff can also extend the life of the KN 95 mask by wearing barriers that can prevent droplets and sprays from settling on the surface of the mask. Although the mask can prevent the particles from crossing to an individual it is better to minimize unnecessary contact with the respiratory mask, adhere to strict hygiene when using a mask


With the spread of coronavirus, people are wearing different facial masks without proper knowledge of preventing cross-contamination. KN95 masks should be worn once and disposed off carefully; however, medical stuff can extend the use of the mask when encountering patients with similar conditions. Adhere to hand hygiene and follow all the necessary procedures when using a facial mask.

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