How to clean kn95 masks

How to clean kn95 masks?

Kn95 respirator mask is an example of personal protective equipment (PPE). This mask is worn to prevent one from exposure to infectious respiratory illness. It covers the nose and mouth of the wearer, thus offering protection from liquid and airborne particles contaminating the face. The masks supplies can deplete during a pandemic of infectious respiratory illness. The shortage leads to creative approaches for the repurposing of KN95 masks. The mask can be cleaned and decontaminated hence inactivating the viral load present. The following are some of the decontamination methods that can be used in kn95 how to clean masks and make it safe for reuse.

KN95 Mask Hydrogen Peroxide Vaporization

Vaporized hydrogen peroxide kills germs on worn masks.Kn95 masks are sterilized by cleaning them with liquid or vaporized hydrogen peroxide. The vaporized hydrogen peroxide penetrates the mask layers killing the microbes without deteriorating the mask. The mask still retains its filtration element and allows breathability after decontaminating it with this method. It also does not deform is the shape and retains the elasticity of the straps. This method is carried out in hospitals using specialized equipment.

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KN95 Mask Heat & Moisture

Moist heat is an effective way of inactivating viral particles. When contaminated kn95 masks are heated for 30 minutes at 60-70°C with humidity of 85% RH, it decontaminates, making it safe for re-use. This humidity and temperature range are achieved through the use of a proofing oven, an incubator, or an environmental chamber. This method does not affect the filter integrity of the mask, making it a suitable practice that can be used in kn95 how to clean.

KN95 mask UV treatment

Another method that is used to clean and decontaminate kn95 masks is by UV treatment. This method is the best and is done in hospitals through the use of ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation (UVGI). It involves exposing the contaminated masks to radiations for at least 15 minutes on each of the inner and outer parts. The UV radiation renders all viral particles making them inactivate. UV treatment helps the mask retain its integrity by ensuring minimal mask degradation. This method can only be carried out in a hospital; hence the use of home UV light is not recommended.

KN95 Mask Dry Heat

Dry heat is a method that is used in the decontamination of kn95 masks. Contaminated masks are dry heated in extreme heat in an autoclave or an oven for thirty minutes at 70°C. Dry heating the masks adequately kills viral particles and preserves the mask integrity for reuse. Research tests show that this method can be used for two cycles in decontaminating the mask without compromising its functional element.


The above are the practical methods that can be used to clean kn95 masks. The decontamination methods do not degrade the filtration efficiency of the cover. The mask retains its breathability even after it is cleaned. Also, the mask does not deform its shape, and the straps keep its elasticity. The methods successfully decontaminate all organisms or pathogens, rendering the mask sterile. Therefore, kn95 masks decontaminated using the above methods are viral free rendering them harmless to end-users.

Can You Wash KN95 Masks?

Can You Wash KN95 Masks?

Today the world is facing a major pandemic that is spreading faster through contact among people. The pandemic is called the coronavirus, which is a disease whose cure has not been found up to date. However, the World Health Organization has put in place measures that help in reducing the spread of the virus. Among the measures that are implemented across the world is the action of wearing masks if you are moving in the public. KN95 is a type of mask that is highly recommended for use by health professionals because it is effective in curbing the spread of the virus.

Washing your mask

Buying a KN95 mask is not like buying any other mask because the mask is a bit expensive. Why? This is because it has been designed to improve its efficiency and comprises of various layers. It is also designed in a way that it has low breathing resistance. So, you can use the mask just for some hours, and then you end up disposing of it. However, if you are using a regular mask, you can wash it with hot water and a detergent.

Why should you use hot soapy water?

To explain the reason behind this, let’s look at the nature of viruses and bacteria. Since all the microbes are not visible by our naked eyes, but scientists have gone further to study them and concluded that they have a body structure. The virus is protein in nature and therefore hit the water is perfect for killing them. This is because the hot water has a high temperature, and high temperature denatures the protein structure. Once their protein structure is denatured, then the microbes and bacteria cannot survive.

Can You Wash Your KN95?

Unfortunately, you cannot wash your KN95 for reuse because of the nature of its design. The mask was mainly designed to be used only for up to 72 hours without washing. However, some researchers have come up with ways of decontaminating the KN95 masks. Duke Regional Biocontainment Laboratory researchers have found out that hydrogen peroxide, which is vaporized, kills germs on the mask. They have published their research in various articles so that other health professionals can use vaporized hydrogen peroxide to disinfect their Kn95 masks.

Another method of decontaminating the mask that was approved for institutions that may lack vaporized hydrogen peroxide is the use of dry heat. You can dry heat the mask at 70 degrees Celsius and reuse it. However, you cannot decontaminate the mask using dry heating for three rounds; the maximum is three rounds.


You can’t wash a KN95 mask with hot water like the way you do for other masks. The best way to decontaminate the KN95 mask is by using vaporized hydrogen peroxide, which does not affect the mask. However, it is crucial for health workers and other people who are using the mask to be careful and avoid reusing KN95 masks which are not disinfected or sterilized. This will render their health and also the health of their loved ones.

How Long Can One Use KN95 Mask

How Long Can One Use KN95 Mask?

KN95 masks filter 95 % of bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens, and thud they are recommended for medical practitioners who might be exposed to contagious infections. With the coronavirus pandemic, members of the public have been spotted wearing the KN95 masks too to prevent spreading the disease if they are sick or avoiding getting it when healthy. If you have the masks, do you know how long the KN95 mask can be used compared to other masks? If you are wearing any type of mask, it is prudent to follow the CDC regulations

KN95 manufacturing requires the use of fine synthetic polymer fibers, especially the non-woven polypropylene fabric. The mask is produced by melt blowing, which helps in the formation of the filtration layers that helps to keep large molecules and the pathogens out. It is, therefore, necessary to use the mask once and discard it after use safely to avoid contamination and further spread of infections

You Can Extend the Use of the Mask

  • Extension Of Use

For medical practitioners who might be acing shortage of KN95 mask, they can extend the use of the mask. They can see several patients with a similar disease using the same mask to assess the patients without removing the mask between patient encounters. The extension of use is more natural if the patients with the same infection are confined in the same room; extension of use is recommended during pandemics such as the coronavirus diseases.

  • Reuse of the KN95 mask

For a situation that patients have non-contagious diseases, a medical practitioner can use the mask for multiple encounters with different patients. For instance, they can remove the mask once they are done with one patient and use the same mask once again for another patient, given that the patients have non-contagious infections. So for this case, the respirator can be used by the medical practitioner for as long as it is safe and functional in preventing cross-contamination.

Recommendation for the Use of KN95 Mask

The KN95 mask should be used once and discarded as they cannot be washed, washing can tamper with the fabric leading to contamination. If you are going to see someone who is sick, it is best if you discard your mask after the encounter.

For medical practitioners, however, an extension of the use of the mask to encounter patients who have the same condition is better as they will be saving the limited resources. Industry workers, on the other hand, can wear the mask for several hours as the specification of the mask allows for eight continuous hours or intermittent use.

Medical staff can also extend the life of the KN 95 mask by wearing barriers that can prevent droplets and sprays from settling on the surface of the mask. Although the mask can prevent the particles from crossing to an individual it is better to minimize unnecessary contact with the respiratory mask, adhere to strict hygiene when using a mask


With the spread of coronavirus, people are wearing different facial masks without proper knowledge of preventing cross-contamination. KN95 masks should be worn once and disposed off carefully; however, medical stuff can extend the use of the mask when encountering patients with similar conditions. Adhere to hand hygiene and follow all the necessary procedures when using a facial mask.

How to Reuse KN95 Mask

How to Reuse KN95 Mask?

Owing to the current crisis created by the Coronavirus and increased rates of pollution in the world, you need to get a mask that you can trust to keep you safe. You can get a washable mask so that you can reuse it in the days to come. This article highlights benefits and how you can wash and reuse KN95 masks.

What is KN95 Mask?

KN95 masks are built to protect you from all types of viruses and dust particles that might infect you. The mask has four layers of protection that filter any pollutants that might infect you. You can breathe much more comfortably with the KN95 mask even if worn for long hours.

Why Do I Need KN95?

Amid the coronavirus crisis, you need to stay protected as well as your family. KN95 masks are designed to keep you safe from pollutants in the air, meaning that you are safe from Covid-19 viruses. A KN95 mask is useful for kids and elderly individuals in the fight against the Coronavirus. Owing to its size, it can be used by people of all ages.

How Useful is a KN95 Mask?

KN95 masks are designed for male and female users of all ages. In most cases, you can reuse the mask because;

• It has four layers playing an important role in filtering the air you breathe.

• KN95 masks can fit on the nose and mouth easily

• It keeps you safe from allergies, dust, pollution, and viruses like Covid-19.

• You can wash the mask at any time of the day to reuse it over and over again.

• The mask is highly effective in the fight against the Coronavirus as it is specially designed.

• The mask is lightweight and fits perfectly on your mouth while allowing you to breathe.

How Can I reuse a KN95 Mask?

To reuse the KN95 mask, you need to follow some guidelines to stay as safe as possible.

  1. Sanitize your hands

It is advisable that you sanitize your hands before laing them on the mask. While outside, you should keep the mask on and avoid touching your face. Remember that you should not share masks with your friend or relatives.

When you get back home, you can remove your mask, clean it, and keep it safe for the next use. You should clean your mask after eight hours of using it to ensure that you are safe from Covid-19 and other pollutants.

  1. Sterilize KN95 Masks

For you to reuse these hard to find gems, you have to take good care on them you can sterize them using;

  • Using Vaporous Hydrogen Peroxide- Hydrogen peroxide kills viruses and bacteria that are likely to make you sick. After using the method for several times, you might be perfect at using this method.
  • Heat and Humidity- You can heat your mask at degrees of between 60-70 degrees to kill bacteria and viruses. Overheating KN95 masks can reduce its integrity in protecting you from viruses and other pollutants.
  • UV Radiation- UV Rays help kill bacteria, viruses, and other pollutants. It would be best if you were cautious and precise to ensure that all layers are sterilized before reusing the masks.
  • Liquid Hydrogen Peroxide Sterilization- CDC recommends heating of the steam bags in low powered microwaves to kill bacteria while maintaining the integrity of the mask. You can soak the respirator for thirty minutes in 6% liquid hydrogen to kill most germs.

In your fight against the Coronavirus, you should get the best mask available in the market. Among the wide number of masks available, you should consider getting a KN95 mask. This article above highlights how to reuse KN95 masks and other info that you need to stay safest.


how many layers of kn95 mask

how many layers of kn95 mask?

Kn95 masks are designed with a filtration system that is five layered. In addition, due to its design, a KN95 mask attributes a maximized air chamber. In this case, the respirator has a filtration efficiency level of about 95 percent. Additionally, the five-layer mask offers protection for particulate aerosols that are oil-free.

Therefore, Kn95 mask users are guaranteed to be free from air pollutants such as allergens, dust, virus, droplets, and bacteria, among other unsafe non-oil based elements in the air. The five layers are made of latex-free materials, which play a significant role in ensuring that the user is protected from contaminations and body fluids.

Layers of Kn95 Mask

• The first layer- the first layer is the outer layer which is made of non woven fabric. It is three dimensional with a 3D design, which contributes to blocking outside dust.

• The second layer- the second layer is the filter stratum that is made of high-quality electrostatic filter cotton. It has an efficient filtration of pm 2.5. The materials used to make this layer cover the body of the entire mask. Therefore, pollutant air cannot be drilled.

• The third layer- The third layer is the gel filtration stratum that is made of highly effective filter materials with melt-blown fabric.

• The fourth layer- The fourth layer is the active carbon layer. This inner section is made of exceptional non woven fabric. It is responsible for filtering odors and harmful gases, therefore, keeping the wearer safe.

• The fifth layer- This is the layer that provides direct contact between the user and the mask. It is made of soft and skin-friendly non woven material. This ensures that the user’s skin is not irritated, and they stay comfortable for a long time wearing the mask.

The Effectiveness of the Materials Used

The materials used to come up with each layer of the Kn95 mask ensure that it is anti-dust and breathable, protective device convenient for use. The five layers provide more protection to Kn95 mask users than the protection offered to the three-layered disposable surgical mask’s wearers. After all, to come up with the Kn95 cover, each layer is made of verticle folding design, which makes it easy to carry and store.

Though the Kn95 mask is slightly thick due to its many layers, it is still convenient.

Kn95 masks are intended to fit over the mouth and nose of the user. It is essential to note that the masks can only offer excellent protection if fitted correctly. Therefore, it is critical for you to ensure you use the Kn95 mask as they should. Some of the things to consider when using the mask include:

• Not wearing the mask upturned.

• Ensuring you cover the nose, mouth, as well as your chin.

• Avoid touching the surface of your mask with your bare hands.

• Never share used mask.

• Always ensure you use the legitimate Kn95 mask as fake dealers are all over.

• Always dispose used masks properly to prevent the potential spread of illnesses.